Pakistan: A ‘Quam’ with Nothing More than ‘Jazba’.

Dr. Ramachandra Reddy
2 min readOct 22, 2023

Social media, especially YouTube, has digitally erased the borders. Gone are the days, when you had to travel to a country to know its people and culture. But now YouTube has enabled us to understand the same without crossing borders. All you need to do is watch the videos uploaded by vloggers of that nation.

Take the example of Pakistan. I watched many videos of prominent Pakistani vloggers and found out the thinking patterns of the Pakistanis.
The vloggers hit the streets to interview the common Pakistanis and post those videos online. And there is a pattern in the views expressed by the majority of the interviewees.

Their talk is loaded with religious terms. They overuse terms such as Mashallah, Insha Allah, Deen-E-Islam, Musalmaan, Labbaik-e-rasulallah, nabi pak, Allah Pak, Ashik-e-rasool, Kafirs, Jihad, etc.

And they mostly make declarations such as Hamara Pakistan Kalme ki buniyaad par bana hai, Hamare paas jazba hai, Hindustan ek Kafir mulak hai, Ham akele Hindustaaniyon ko shikast denge, Hamara mulak ek nuclear mulak hai, Insha Allah Ham Ghazva-e-hind karenge, Ham Kashmir fateh karenge, Kashmir me musalmanom par julam ho raha hai, Ham musalmaan deen se door ho rahe hain, and finally they put all the blame on their politicians by declaring “hamara hukumraan corrupt hai”.

The unique thing is they are always proud of their ‘Jazba’ and it makes them feel superior to all other nations.

Every sentence they say is laced with religion, and it appears that they can’t utter even a single word without dipping it in the sauce called religion.

Initially, I was shocked as to how people can be so obsessed with religion. When I tried to assess the reasons behind such behavior, I found that the public education system in Pakistan is very poor and a majority of the households send their children to Madrasas (religious seminaries), where Maulvis (Islamic clergy) teach them the Koran and Arabic. Subjects like Mathematics, Science, and English are hardly given any importance. And the Maulvis brainwash children with negative thoughts such as Islam is in danger, and advocate Jihad (a religious war) against the Kafirs (Muslims treat the followers of any religion other than Islam as Kafirs). It is obvious that such an education system can only produce zealots.

Out of curiosity, I carried out some online research that made me realize that there are numerous madrasas in Pakistan, that produced many terror organizations, including the Taliban. Taliban is notorious for imposing the draconian sharia, which includes the suppression of women. The most important and interesting fact is all these madrasas that are in the business of producing the so-called Mujahideen (the Islamic religious warriors) were inspired by an Indian Madrasa called Darul Uloom Deoband.

It appears that Pakistan got trapped in the “Muslim-Masjid-Mulla-Madrasa-Mujahideen” business and it may not be possible for them to escape the trap. As long as they remain entrapped in that quagmire, there is no real hope for them.



Dr. Ramachandra Reddy

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