Let’s Not Celebrate the Death of our Political and Ideological Opponents

Dr. Ramachandra Reddy
2 min readJul 28, 2021

Indian political climate has become so hate-filled that when Rohit Sardana, a popular television anchor, died of COVID-related complications, all the Islamists and Leftists gleefully celebrated his death on Twitter. The right-wing Twitterati, who felt offended by the behavior of the Islamo-leftists, were waiting for an opportunity to hit back at them with a vengeance. And, it appears that they got an opportunity in the form of Danish Siddiqui’s death.

Rabid Islamist, Sharjeel Usmani, celebrated the death of Rohit Sardana

They pointed to the fact that how Danish, a photojournalist with Reuters, shot the photographs of funeral pyres of dead Hindus during the COVID second wave by using a drone camera and sold them online to make money. They even unearthed his past Hinduphobic tweets on various occasions to show his hatred towards Hindus. They even made a video viral in which the deceased journalist was shown peddling a pro-Pakistan narrative to the audience.

A twitter user, who lost his near and dear ones due to COVID, warned Danish Siddiqui how Karma may catch up with him.

This made the Leftists and Islamists accuse the right-wing Twitterati of celebrating the death of a journalist. The right-wing, in turn, reminded the Leftists and Islamists of how they not only celebrated the death of Rohit Sardana but also the deaths of the BJP leaders such as Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley.

It is indeed unfortunate that the political fault lines are increasingly getting widened and things deteriorated to such an extent that people started celebrating the deaths of their political and ideological opponents. The social media companies, especially Twitter, must crackdown on such users who resort to inhuman and uncivilized activities using their platforms. Unfortunately, Twitter, which has become a propaganda tool for the Leftists and Islamists, is indulging in selective censoring, thus aggravating the problem.

The social media users, irrespective of their political and ideological affinity, must realize the fact that their opponents are only expressing their thoughts and opinions, and they need not hate each other for the opinions they hold. After all, we are all mortals and celebrating each others death only intensifies hatred towards each other.



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