Islamic Terror Goes on a Rampage as the World Hides Behind Political Correctness

Dr. Ramachandra Reddy
3 min readAug 27, 2021

Afghanistan, once again, plunged into chaos. The monstrous Taliban, with the help of Pakistan, is back at the helm. Once again, all the Islamic Terror groups are regathering in Afghanistan to realize their dream of establishing an Islamic Caliphate. The developments look truly ominous.

Kabul blasts (Image Credit: AFP)

The world, however, continues to be in a denial mode. It refuses to address the outfits such as the Taliban, Islamic State, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Hizbul Mujahedeen, Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda, and numerous other outfits as terror organizations. They, in fact, glorify them by terming them ‘fighters’. And, moreover, the world is wasting time in useless speculations such as which organization is more dangerous than others and which are linked to each other. By doing so, they conveniently ignore the fact that all the terror outfits are one and the same as they all want to Islamize the world and impose their obnoxious Sharia.

It is a well-known fact that the Islamic world doesn’t accept democracy and human rights. Many of them are in deep crisis as they try to figure out what is ‘true Islam’. When they plunge into violence and chaos, the democratic world imports many Islamists by holding the banners ‘refugees welcome’. And, the so-called refugees don’t waste any time to create trouble in their host nations by demanding sharia. It is noteworthy to mention here that according to Pew Research, 99% of Afghans want Sharia. And, an overwhelming majority of Afghans, who are fleeing Sharia are young males. Now, the question arises as to whether Sharia impacts males more than the females. Moreover, the Taliban, on their way to Kabul, released hundreds of terrorists from Afghan prisons.

Pakistan, a breeding ground of terrorism, gave birth to numerous terror outfits through its ever-mushrooming madrasas. It continues to passionately aid and abet Islamic terror with complete impunity. The power of the Taliban is such that they walked into Kabul without facing any resistance. The Taliban, in the near future, may take over even Pakistan to satiate the ever-increasing clamor for ‘true Islam’ and ‘real sharia’ among its people. The radical Mullahs that run the Madrasas are competing with one another to interpret Islam and Sharia in a more radical manner to exercise tighter control over their ‘Qaum’.

At a time when the Islamists are revealing their true intentions without any qualms, the world looks the other way. It is oblivious to the fact that Islamism is going on a rampage posing a great threat to the civilized world. The free world, which is hiding behind political correctness, is busy using nice sounding words to obfuscate things and deny the impending threat posed by the Islamic terror. They are even hesitant to use the term ‘Islamic Terrorism’ and stigmatize the people who use the term by branding them as Islamophobes. By doing so, they are indirectly paving the way for the eventual Islamist takeover.

The return of the Taliban in Afghanistan once again brought the long-standing Left-Islamist nexus to the fore. The Leftists all over the world are eagerly trying to deflect world’s attention from the atrocities perpetrated by the Taliban. They came out in full force to whitewash the Islamist crimes through various deceptive means.

The latest terror attack near Kabul airport, where more than hundred people lost their lives, is yet another manifestation of the brutal and ruthless nature of Islamic terror. The president of the United States, Joe Biden, already gave a clean chit to the Taliban by refusing to see any connection between them and the Islamic State. Such foolish actions further embolden the terror outfits to continue their attacks with renewed vigor.

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