Has the World Mainstreamed Taliban?

Dr. Ramachandra Reddy
3 min readJul 16, 2021
Women in Taliban-controlled areas. Image Credit: Shah Marai / AFP — Getty Images

Even while the world is struggling hard to sail through the Corona Virus crisis, there is another storm that is gathering momentum insidiously. Taliban, an Islamic terrorist organization, which is aided and abetted by the rogue nation, Pakistan, is regaining control over Afghanistan. The west, led by the United States, are withdrawing their forces from Afghanistan, leaving it to the Taliban vultures. By doing so, they not only conferred an element of sanctity on the terrorist organization but also mainstreamed it.

Taliban — An Embodiment of Stone Age Barbarism:

The Taliban, whose literal meaning is ‘students’, are the products of the Madrasas in Pakistan. They strongly advocate the implementation of the draconian Islamic law called ‘Sharia’, which does not allow any freedom to women and religious minorities and imposes mind-numbingly cruel punishments on the people for not following the ‘sharia’. Moreover, they want to Islamize the entire world and eradicate the ‘Kafirs’ (infidels). They, along with Pakistan, sheltered Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al-Qaeda, in the aftermath of the World Trade Centre (WTC) attacks.

Even though many Islamists and Leftists try to obfuscate things to deflect attention from the Islamist atrocities, the main goal of all the Islamic terrorist organizations is to wage Jihad (holy war) against all the ‘Kafirs’, especially Christians, Jews, and Hindus. They also want to Islamize the world and impose Sharia.

The Taliban made quick territorial gains in Afghanistan after the US-led forces started withdrawing. There are news reports stating that the terror outfit ordered women not to venture out without a male companion, not to send their girl children to schools, and even ordered parents to marry off their daughters above 15 years of age to Taliban foot soldiers. They ordered men not to shave and wear only traditional clothing. The Taliban, to finance its terror activities, even promotes the cultivation of Opium in the areas controlled by it.

The lackadaisical attitude towards terrorism manifested by the democratic west has only emboldened the Islamists across the world and gave an added impetus to their growth. The relentless march of the Taliban in Afghanistan is ominous to the future of the world and its cherished ideas of democracy and human dignity.

Left-Islamist Alliance:

The other lurking danger is the emerging alliance between the Communism and Islamism. It is well-known that the global leftist forces are led by the authoritarian China, and the Islamists are led by the terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda, Taliban, and the ISIS. Though the rabid bigotry of Islamists and Atheism of Leftists are poles apart, their interests concur with each other. Both Communism and Islamism are authoritarian in nature and don’t tolerate democracy. They both resort to violence to suppress the people and movements that oppose them. Therefore, their affinity with each other does not surprise many.

The Taliban, which is a product of Deobandi madrasas (Islamic seminaries) in Pakistan, already stated that they treat China as a friend, and as such are not interested in supporting the cause of Uighur Muslims of Xinjiang province. Pakistan and Turkey, who claim themselves to be the patrons of the Islamic world, turned a blind eye to China’s atrocities against Uighurs owing to their bonhomie with China.

Even in the United States, after Joe Biden became the President of the United States, his left-leaning Democratic Party is taking many pro-Islamist decisions. The party has rabid Islamists such as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib in their ranks, who are known for their Islamist rants on a regular basis.

Re-emergence of Paki-Afghan Axis as Epicenter of Terror:

Once the Talibans gain full control over Afghanistan, they will pose a renewed challenge to the democratic world. Afghanistan, along with Pakistan, will once against become an epicenter of terror. And, the Communist China, to fulfill its narrow self-interests, will gang up with these forces to promote instability across the world. Such a situation will pave the way for a highly unstable world, which may ultimately descend into chaos.

Therefore, the world needs to come out of its inertia and gather its resources to fight against the impending danger. Any further negotiations with the Taliban will lead to the mainstreaming of all terror organizations including the ISIS, which will embolden the evil forces. Such a situation will pave the way for an Islamist takeover of the world.



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