Do Afghans Really Deserve Sympathy?

Dr. Ramachandra Reddy
3 min readAug 15, 2021

The whole world is terrified at their re-emergence in the Afghan arena. And, yet the world is reluctant to term them as terrorists. The media continues to use terms such as ‘insurgents’ and ‘fighters’ to refer to them. The question is if they are just fighters, why is the world so scared of them?

The Taliban are no ordinary people. They are a group of rabid Islamists who want to impose the draconian and stone-age sharia on the entire world. They have a history of providing safe heaven to the dreaded terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, who executed the 9/11 mayhem. And they smuggle narcotics to fund their terror campaigns.

They are the products of the ever-mushrooming madrasas in Pakistan, and as such, share an umbilical relationship with the rogue nation.

The media and the human rights organizations are showering a lot of sympathy on the Afghans as the Taliban regain their full control over Afghanistan. But this sympathy is inexplicable. According to Pew Research Center, 99% of Afghans want the Sharia to be implemented in their country. That is what exactly the Taliban also wants to do. And the way Afghans invited the Taliban without putting up a fight shows their liking for them. Then why all this sympathy for Afghan people? Is the media trying to fool the international community by spinning a false narrative? Or is it a ploy to pave the way for another episode of Islamist mass migration to the West and countries like India on the pretext of a humanitarian crisis?

All the sympathy that is being showered on the people of Afghanistan is totally misconceived. No one can help a nation that wants the Sharia law to be implemented in their country. And why do they try to flee their nation when they are going to get the law they wanted? The enormous efforts made by the world community, especially the US and India, evaporated into thin air within a matter of weeks as the Afghan people invited the Taliban without putting up any resistance.

Therefore, the world community must be wary of the Taliban and even Pakistan. Because in future we may see Afghanistan, Pakistan, and China emerging as a new axis of evil that poses a fresh threat to world peace. Such an axis will also bring the hitherto covert Left-Islamist nexus to the fore.

The way the Afghan army, despite being trained and armed by the US, surrendered without even an iota of resistance shows that they indeed want to be under the Taliban rule. In the same way, even in Pakistan, where people clamor for Sharia and Islamism, may one day invite the Taliban to rule their country. Such an eventuality will pave the way for the Taliban laying their hands on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. And, nuclear weapons in the hands of a terrorist organization will invariably prove to be disastrous for the world community.

There are calls for giving refuge to the fleeing Afghans. The same Afghans, who settle in other countries citing the Taliban ‘atrocities’ will start demanding the implementation of Sharia in their host countries. Therefore, the Islamic countries where Sharia is implemented must come forward to take the Afghan refugees instead of trying to implant them in non-Islamic, democratic countries.

The Leftists, who have a tacit understanding with the Islamists, may once again try to create trouble by holding the banners ‘refugees welcome’. Their actions always aid the Islamists and enable them to spread their pernicious presence all over the world. Therefore, the world community must be wary of not only the Islamists but also the communists.



Dr. Ramachandra Reddy

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